Deluxe Illuminated Part 1
What material is the body made of?
What are the shelves made of?
Are the shelves adjustable?
How does the door operate?
What frame style is this series offered in?
What mount type is this series offered in?
What gauge size is this series constructed of?
On the LED unit under the diffuser is there an LED strip or LED bulbs?
Deluxe Illuminated Part 2
What hinge is in this series?
Is this cabinet reversible?
For the standard unit what base bulb will you need to use?
For the standard unit what is the highest watt incandescent bulb you can use?
Can you use LED bulbs in the standard unit?
Can you use a higher wattage bulb if you use an LED bulb in the standard unit?
What side is this cabinet hinged on?
Are these cabinets hardwired?
On the standard unit how many light sockets are there?